- KayaMBeE - The Kerry Murray, Bert Erdmann, Bob Tellier and Rod Taylor Project
The Band: Kerry Murray: vocals, guitars, keyboards Bert Erdmann: guitars, vocals Bob Tellier: drums, vocals Rodney Taylor: bass


It took about nine to ten months of work until the first original project was finished, KayaMBeE’s first concept album: "Live And Learn". Shortly after the album was finished in March of 2004, our jobs parted us, which turned out to be quite a challenge to write new material from two different continents. With the exception of one new song, "Shirts And Skins", which was written two weeks prior to the '04 US presidential election, all recording activities came to a complete halt. Call it fortune, call it destiny or what ever, but in January of 2005 once more a career change brought us closer together geographically again. At the moment we live about an hour and a half away from each other, which enables us to get together rather frequently. In April of 2005 we started our recording activities again and have not come to an end ever since... ;-)


Kerry Murray Bert Erdmann Bob Tellier Rodney Taylor

If you ever listened to our original material and ever wondered how we could possibly come up with this kind of music, our personal opinion is quite simple in this matter. We believe the different styles and musical preferences of each of us, as well as the cultural differences in our upbringings formed our "styles". We were born and raised not only in different countries, but on different continents, which brings a lot of different musical influences with it. Maybe this is one other reason for our somewhat unique style and sound.
We'll let you be the judge of it...

Our first project, the concept album "Live And Learn" was finished in March 2004. The project covers 11 new original songs. Nine of them have been written between June 2003 and March 2004. Some demos of the Live And Learn songs are available for download, too, here at KayaMBeE.com - check out the Music section for more details. The final and official release of “Live And Learn” happened in 2013, following the debut release of the single “Candle of Unity” in 2010. As already mentioned, more original music can be expected to be commercially released in the near future.

Another thing that sets KayaMBeE a bit apart from other local bands is our "specialty" of playing tribute medleys in our live performances, as already mentioned briefly above. Our most famous medleys cover the Beatles, the Police, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones. Until the end of 2009, we have been playing out as a two-man band only.


Currently we are working on our third album (project name “Full Circle”) as well as on a seriously brand new and seriously different live performance. So far we've got a ton of new material more or less almost ready to go. Come on out and check us out when we’re playing live at one of our upcoming appearances…

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